3 way the dog to stop begging for food

3 way the dog to stop begging for food 1

If you want your dog to stop begging for food, he has to learn not to beg when food is nearby.

It’s no secret why dogs beg, but it’s because they want food as soon as it’s near or in the kitchen.

Begging is not rude or unpleasant to your puppy, it is instinctive, and it will take a lot of perseverance to undo the behavior you have reinforced.
This begging behavior began long ago among the descendants of dogs. It became an instinct of the wolf and was passed down in the dog’s DNA.

Dogs look for opportunities to get food from us, and observant dogs quickly learned that begging is rewarded when we respond to these cues, and over time they have mastered it.

This is one of the most common complaints from owners, but there is hope. It is possible to get a dog to stop eating while its owner does.

How can I stop my dog from begging?

The first thing you can do to stop your dog from begging is to promise yourself that he won’t do it. Every time you give your puppy a treat from the table, you are teaching him that begging is a winning behavior. However, dogs have an excellent memory and will continue to beg if they know that begging is successful.

Dogs beg when we look at them. They look so good to us with their big puppy eyes and whining.

If we want our dog to stop begging, we must make sure we are not giving him mixed signals. It is unreasonable to expect good behavior from our puppy if we are not consistent.

Training ourselves to be consistent is often the hardest part, but everything else is relatively easy. Here are three ways to help your dog stop begging.

Don’t worry about your dog begging

If your puppy begs, don’t look at him. Ignore your puppy.

Even if your dog starts begging, you should completely ignore the behavior. Once he has begged you, your puppy will think his time and effort will be rewarded next time.

If you see those big eyes when he begs, you can take pity on him and offer him food. If you pay attention to him when he begs, he may think that all his efforts will be rewarded and he will soon have food.

If he begs, your dog will resist, but you should try not to let him bother you. Your dog will eventually understand, “Hey, I don’t think it’s working anymore.”

Don’t associate affection with food. Your puppy is not hungry at all. You feed your puppy every morning and every night. More than 50% of dogs in the United States are overweight, but your puppy doesn’t need anything extra. Still, if you’re not feeling well, know that your puppy is manipulating you.

The reason your dog has sad, big eyes and bushy ears is simply to manipulate you into taking care of him. The dog now has many of the characteristics of a puppy wolf, not an adult wolf.

Keep your dog away from the table

The easiest way to get your dog to stop begging is to prevent the behavior from the beginning. To do this, you must keep your dog away from the table.

You can teach your dog to lie down away from where you are eating, or you can use a baby gate to keep your dog in a separate area. If your dog is already begging, remember that he will probably resist for quite some time before his behavior improves.

Place your dog on the bed or a spot of your choice, praise him as soon as he lies down, and give him a treat in that spot. Depending on your dog’s stay command, you may have to keep doing this for a while to get your dog to stay in the new spot continuously.

After meals, visit and praise him a lot, then give him a treat. Let the puppy know that the behavior of sitting well while the family eats will provide the most desired reward.

If your puppy can’t stay long or hasn’t learned proper potty commands, you can use a baby gate or other barricade to separate him. This is a very common method.

Take your dog’s mind off eating

Let your dog focus on something else while you eat. If you don’t want to pull your dog completely away from you while you eat, you can focus your attention on his treats or toys. Give your dog a popular brisket treat or fill a Kong with peanut butter.

If he gets up from the treat and begs, ignore him. If he’s used to begging, he’ll do it for a while. Unless you give in to the begging and give him food from the table, he will eventually realize that his begging ability is no longer useful.

If you are consistent and decide to be patient, begging can be dealt with fairly quickly and easily. All it takes is determination and perseverance. The whole family must cooperate. If someone does not cooperate and gives up, you will never succeed.

No matter how cute your puppy is or how noisy, if you give up, you’re back to square one.