Drink Lemon Water Every Day for 7 Days and Here’s What Happens

Drink Lemon Water Every Day for 7 Days and Here’s What Happens 1

Lemon water is all the rage right now, but you may be wondering if it’s as effective as claimed. It is said to have several benefits, from weight loss to cancer prevention. Honestly, one drink won’t cure all your health problems, but this drink is perfect for you.

The best thing about lemon water is that you can decide the recipe yourself. You can add as much or as little lemon as you like, or you can add mint, honey, or fruit. Lemon water can be served hot or cold, and you can drink it however you like.

However, according to nutritionists, the most effective way to drink lemon water is hot and at least half a lemon sliced (with skin). It is unnecessary to eat the lemon peel, but the peel contains valuable polyphenols, which are antioxidants that can help you lose weight. Adding lemon to hot water will help you extract more polyphenols than using cold water.

What are the benefits of drinking lemon water every day, some of which, like 3 and 7, are worthwhile on their own? Here are also some myths about lemon water.

1. Get Fresher Breath

Drink Lemon Water Every Day for 7 Days and Here’s What Happens 2

If you’re tired of chewing gum or mints every time you talk to someone, then lemon water is for you. This makes sense, as many products use the scent of lemon. The citrus scent of lemon can neutralize odors on the countertop and in the mouth.

After a meal with onions, Drinking lemon water, garlic, fish, or blue cheese can help eliminate the remaining odors. Lemon also stimulates saliva production and cleanses the mouth. If your mouth is dry when you wake up in the morning, bacteria can multiply and make your mouth smell even worse.

2. Keep Your Skin Looking Younger

Drink Lemon Water Every Day for 7 Days and Here’s What Happens 3

Drinking lemon water every day gives your skin the hydration it needs to take care of itself. Hydrated skin looks smoother and firmer, and wrinkles and fine lines are less noticeable. When you are well hydrated, your body has more opportunities to sweat and get rid of toxins.

By adding lemon to your water, you increase your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is a nutrient that plays an essential role in collagen and elastin production, which keeps skin firm and supple. Studies have also shown that a diet rich in vitamin C can help reduce wrinkles, something we all desire.

3. Take In More Vitamin C

Drink Lemon Water Every Day for 7 Days and Here’s What Happens 4

Now that we’ve talked about vitamin C let’s take a closer look at its health benefits. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals before they can damage cells.

For this reason, compliance with the recommended daily intake is believed to reduce the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. The body cannot synthesize vitamin C from other nutrients, so it must obtain the recommended amount from the diet. Lemon water can help you meet the recommended daily dose of 60 mg.

4. Experience Easier Weight Loss

Drink Lemon Water Every Day for 7 Days and Here’s What Happens 5

First of all, let me tell you that lemon water is not a miracle diet product. Drinking lemon water every day will not help you lose weight. However, people who drink lemon water tend to lose weight in general. The reason for this is unclear, but drinking more flavored water may help you feel fuller and more satisfied between meals.

But let’s not forget the polyphenolic antioxidants in lemons, which have been shown to promote weight loss in mice. According to the study, lemons reduced weight gain and improved insulin resistance in mice despite being fed a high-fat diet. Person studies are needed to follow up on these assuring results.

5. Stabilize Your Moods

Drink Lemon Water Every Day for 7 Days and Here’s What Happens 6

Refreshing scents that neutralize odors can also reduce stress and keep you calm. This is why lemon oil is often used in aromatherapy oils. In addition to the same stress-relieving effects, drinking lemon also offers the benefits of potassium found in the fruit. Potassium plays an essential role in regulating blood pressure, and high blood pressure is a significant stress factor.

If you drink your lemon water hot, you’ll get the most out of it. Why not try drinking lemon water before you have a glass of wine on a rough day?

6. Avoid Kidney Stones

Drink Lemon Water Every Day for 7 Days and Here’s What Happens 7

Even if you’ve never had a kidney stone, you know how hard it can be. Most kidney stones are calcium deposits, but you can reduce the risk of stones by consuming more citric acid.

Of all citrus fruits, lemons are the most excellent source of citric acid, and half a cup of lemon juice contains as much citric acid as a kidney stone remedy. Hydration is also vital for kidney health, so drinking lemon water every day can help prevent kidney stones.

7. No More UTIs

Drink Lemon Water Every Day for 7 Days and Here’s What Happens 8

Speaking of painful symptoms, urinary tract and bladder infections can also be very painful. Getting a urinary tract infection can make you feel like you’re urinating with a small knife, which unfortunately makes you more susceptible to infections. The best way to minimize the occurrence of these infections is to keep your urine alkaline. Lemons are acidic by themselves, but citric acid produces an alkaline byproduct when digested.

Drinking lemon water daily helps keep the urinary tract pH alkaline. However, it does not affect the pH of the bloodstream. The kidneys do that job, and nutrition has nothing to do with the process. Don’t be fooled by claims that lemon water can alkalize your entire body.


Drink Lemon Water Every Day for 7 Days and Here’s What Happens 9

There are many reasons why drinking lemon water every day is a good habit, but seven days should be enough to see a difference. In addition to what we’ve discussed so far, proper hydration is essential for your health. If you make your water taste good by adding lemon or other citrus flavors, it will be much easier to drink the ideal amount of water: 91 to 125 ounces a day.

We encourage you to try lemon water and use it as a daily pick-me-up. However, don’t expect it to help you lose weight, detoxify your body or increase your IQ (your body will do that on its own). But I do recommend lemon water for its incredible benefits.