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Lea Michele is officially a mother after giving birth to a son on August 20.

E! News has confirmed that former Glee star Lea Michele and her husband, Zandy Reich, are expecting their first child together. According to sources, Michelle and Zandy have named their son Ever. The actress and singer received many congratulations from family and friends and also shared an update on their first child. The insider added that Lea, Zandy, and Ever are doing well.

The news of her pregnancy came in April. Michele then shared a photo of her belly and also said she was “very grateful” for the news. The baby news also comes on the heels of the couple’s first wedding anniversary last March. While she didn’t share many photos or updates about her pregnancy, she did keep her fans up to date by sharing photos of her and her belly on Instagram.

Another insider told E! May news is that the soon-to-be celebrity is having an amazing time despite the coronavirus outbreak. Michele wanted to take it easy during the early part of her pregnancy, so she enjoyed life without distractions and her pregnancy.

But her journey was far from easy. In June, Michelle voiced her support for the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd. She called for an end to deaths like Floyd’s.

Unfortunately, her tweets were met with a barrage of responses from her former “Glee” co-stars about their unpleasant experiences with her on set. Among them was Samantha Marie Ware, who joined Michelle and the cast in Season 6. According to Ware, Michelle made her first television appearance in hell.

Michelle apologized in response to Ware’s comment. She explained that her tweet was intended to show support for her friends, neighbors, and communities of color, but the backlash she received caused her to focus on how her actions were perceived by her fellow cast members.

She also stated that she did not remember making that comment, nor condemning others because of their skin color, but rather that it was about her hurting others and apologizing for her actions.

Michele also noted that she needs to improve and take responsibility for her actions to be a good role model for her children.